App Features Related:
"Every Customer gets a unique Buddy Code once they register with BB+ App. Customer can share their own Buddy Code with friends & if any user registers on BB+ app using their Buddy Code at time of SignUp, the customer will get 50 Buddy Points per referral registered. Accumulated Buddy Points can be redeemed while purchasing any product from BB+ app & customer can avail the discount on any product while buying through BB+ App"
Buddy Points once earned remain in customers account for lifetime. More the referral done by customer, more the discounts they can can avail on all Products. There is no limit to the number of Buddy Points that one can earn through referrals.
Watch and Shop is a prominent feature where a customer can watch the product video to know about product features and the details. It helps our customer to experience the product features in detail so they can make a smarter buying decision.
Live Shopping is a pre-eminent feature where the known industry experts and other brand ambassador will help to choose the best products available in the market.
BESTBY+ is a free app. A customer has to provide his basic information like Name, Phone No., Email ID while signing up and then he can start exploring the best features of the App and start purchasing.
BESTBY+ will access the current location immediately after logged in. However, customer will have to allow all the requisite permissions. Customer can change address manually every time at time of logging in the app.
BESTBY+ will not allow the customer to change contact number/email once provided.
Sometimes, a customer may face problems while receiving OTP, it happens due to internal server error or network congestion. We would request you try after sometimes in such case.
Delivery status can be shown under 'My Orders' which appears top of the screen.
Cancellation & Refund Related:
Refund Process is hassle free. Customer can claim for refund only if full payment had been done for any such transactions. Customer may refer the return policy for further details.
An order can be cancelled from 'My Orders' which appears top of the screen.
All refunds initiated by BESTBY+ shall be refunded to the financial source account of the Customer from which the transaction has initiated on the Platform. The refunds initiated by the dealer who has provided the product, will be as per the bank norms. How ever you can call our dealers directly for any further assistance.
Delivery Related:
Usually, the order will be delivered the same day by the Delivery Partner. Unexpected delay may be happen in case of unavoidable circumstances. In case of any delay, our delivery partner would provide you a prior intimation. BESTBY+ shall not be responsible in that case.
Every product comes with Manufacturing Warranty and therefore, if in case of manufacturing fault, agent has to accept it and arrange a return. If an agent denies to arrange a return, customer may approach BESTBY+.
BESTBY+ facilitates live tracking service to the customers. Customer may check status of delivery agent through accessing live tracking of the order from 'My Orders'. Usually, BESTBY+ assures same day delivery promise.
In that case, we recommend our customers, not to accept the orders. However, it is under sole discretion of BESTBY+.
BESTBY+ delivers the products to its customers without any additional delivery charges.
Customised Delivery Service is not available at present. You may call the delivery agent and lodge a request for specific delivery time if needed. However, we are working on it and we will add this feature soon.
We will accept the orders only from 10am to 9:30pm except on the days of bandh/lockdown.
This option enables a customer to make the payment party through Cash and balance through any Credit/Debit Card. However this option might not be helpful to avail the special card offers, as there is a minimum swipe amount set by the brands.
Orders Related:
Customer can place the order by following below steps:
  • 1. Make a valid Sign up/Sign in to the App.
  • 2. Choose the product of your choice.
  • 3. Add them to the cart.
  • 4. Review Shopping Cart.
  • 5. Proceed to checkout.
  • 6. Check Billing and Shipping Address.
  • 7. Payment information.
  • 8. Submit an Order.
BESTBY+ facilitates live tracking service to the customers. Customer may check status of delivery agent through accessing live tracking of the order from 'My Orders'.
BESTBY+ sends confirmation message once the dealer nearby accepts the order placed. Customer can also know the status by accessing 'My Orders'.
The products covered under Pre Order Programme can only be pre ordered.
Customer after placing an order will receive an confirmation message from the App. However, customer may call a delivery agent and arrange self pick up.
Payment Related:
BESTBY+ provides you to pay through various modes available in the App viz. Cash on Delivery, Credit/Debit Card, Cash & Credit.
EMI shall be debited as per the terms of finance approved by your bank.
Product Line Up Related:
BESTBY+ chooses the most favourite brands of the world. The products shall be avaialble as per the availability of the stock. The brands decided are based on the sources information.
BESTBY+ is working on it and we assure to add more in to our bucket soon.
Service Related:
When a customer recommends the app to other customers, he will get the buddy points as referral points which can be redeemed on next offer launched on the App. They should have to keep checking the App on daily basis to surprise themselves. This referral programme is known as Buddy Points.
BESTBY+ delivers all its products in excellent and sturdy packaging. Each and every dealer follows hygiene practice before packing your order and delivering it to you. BESTBY+ also encourages contactless delivery practice at customer's choice.
At present, exchange feature is not available in the app. However, you can avail it by checking with the delivery executives at the time of delivery.
No. Customer has to pay before accepting the order. However the delivery executive will wait till you check the delivered product.
Customer may refer the return policy on the App.
BESTBY+ doesn't encourage any misbehaviour by any dealer or any delivery agent. In such case, customer may lodge a complaint to us which will affect to the rating of repsective dealer.
Customer have to return the freebie while returning the product.
Yes, the delivery agent might help you with data transfer, depending on the time availability. BESTBY+ will not be liable in this case.