App Features Related:
You can select the category while registering the business, we have prelisted the products on BESTBY+, in case you want to add products other than that please get in touch with us and once approved we will add the product in our application.
You will receive new order notification along with other partners, please make sure to select the order as per your availability of stock. You can assign delivery boys as per the order and you can see the pending orders in the application. Please get in touch with us to learn better how to manage the orders effectively.
You can access the sale report for the report tab in the application.
You will receive the notification on new order with details. Please make sure to select the order as per the stock available only.
B+ Buddy is a referral program for customers and they can redeem the points to buy the product with additional discount. We will redeem the discount amount availed by the customer through this program to the dealer. Please get in touch with us to understand the redeem process.
You can add delivery boy under “Add Delivery Boy” tab in application. Kindly refer to the manual for more clarification.
You can add or change category under change category tab in the application. Select your product categories based on the stock availability.
Delivery Related:
Delivery executive has to be managed by the partner and the partner should overlook the delivery of the products in order to give effective and efficient service to customers.
Partner should strive to deliver the product within the same day of order confirmation, in case of the delay it has to be intimated to customer and BESTBY+. Partner should provide the invoice along with warranty/guarantee card (whichever applicable) and the package should not be in the damaged condition. The delivery will be free of cost and delivery person has to be instructed to not ask or accept any monetary benefits from customer in lieu of delivery.
The product needs to be delivered within the same day of the order acceptance as it is the USP of our business however due to unavoidable circumstances if it is delayed it has to be effectively informed to customer and BESTBY+.
As of now there is no dress code for delivery boy but we would prefer the delivery boy to be properly groomed and dressed decently.
Payment Related:
You will be paid via Bank transfer, Bank cheque or from various bank instrument as per the discretion of BESTBY+ the payment will be done on Monthly basis after submitting the proper invoice.
We have various reward systems which are categorized with the performance of individual partner, which will be communicated to the partner at the time of rolling the offers.
Customer can pay through Cash, Credit card, Emi card, Debit card.
Yes, if the customer has chosen the payment method which requires swiping machine/POS than we request our partners to carry the same.
We do not work on commission basis therefore there is no commission fee to know about the charges for selling, please get in touch with us.
Service Related:
You can sell multi brand Mobiles, Mobile accessories, smart watch, electronics appliances as in approved by BESTBY+ apart from that you can sell anything through our live commerce, Please get in touch with us to know more about the services.
Any retailer with valid KYC can sell on BESTBY+ You can register by providing the KYC documentation in BESTBY+ dealer app and once it is approved by our verification department you can start selling. Alternatively, you can always reach to us and we will be happy to guide you the process of registration.
We are empowering the local dealers to reach the customers who shops online. A large database of customers nearby your location with Best in Class e-market to display your products with hassle free technical support from our end with Innovative and exciting collaboration plans, lower cost plans to do the business.
You don’t need to delivery your products to us. We will upload the inventory on behalf of the dealers.
The documents required will be the basic Kyc details- Gst certificate, pan card copy and filled partner form provided by us. Please get in touch with us for any query.
As much as we don’t want it but in case of any unforeseen circumstances you can cancel the account by getting in touch with us.
Our dedicated Dealer care team is available on phone from 10 am - 6 pm to answer all your queries. You can also write to us at and we will revert to you within 24 hours working time.